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Three ways to find your perfect bridal headwear.

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You’ve bought your dress and have invested time in reviewing online style sites and magazines to work out your overall look. Everything, from how to wear your hair, the choice of makeup and accessories is a crucial decision. Here are three quick tips on choosing the bridal headwear that’s right for you, to make sure your look is perfect all over.

Go to the bridal hair stylist

While deciding on how you are going to wear your hair is crucial, choosing what to accessorise it with is just as important to make the most of that hairstyle. Work with your stylist to decide what style works best with your face shape, hair texture, length and your overall style.


There is a wide range of designs and variation in prices on the market but choosing what to wear in your hair is just as important as your dress. Go for something that is well made, flexible, versatile and lightweight. This will help ensure it can be worn in your hair without feeling uncomfortable and complement your chosen hairstyle. The quality of the materials are important too. Trade plastic for fresh water pearls; real crystal instead of glass beads. You’ll notice the difference and the overall finish is important in perfecting your look.


If your chosen bridal outfit sits in the cooler range of white, silver or blue, match this with a corresponding cool tone headpiece to keep the look flawlessly flowing. White freshwater pearls, clear or petrol crystals look lovely on dark hair, while tinted blue or purple freshwater pearls are spectacular on fair heads.

If your outfit is tonally warm, opt for a similar headwear complement. Clear crystal and a mix of cream are a good combination, while tinted pink freshwater pearls are always a hit. Adding some rose gold flowers can complete a warm tone look.

These are introductory colour suggestions only. Lean on the advice of your stylist and best friends. They will ultimately help you make the best choice for you.

Handmade bespoke

Commissioning a bespoke piece of bridal headwear made especially for you adds to the special nature of your wedding day. It is as unique as the occasion itself and can be kept forever as a keepsake or heirloom.

Chat with your designer about your required look. Tell them what you like and how they can personalise the piece with your favourite flowers or lucky charms. Working with an experienced designer helps you choose the headwear piece that’s right for you and works perfectly with your chosen style.

We’re here to help. Contact our specialist team to talk through your bridal style plans or turn to our bridal headwear gallery for inspiration.

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