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Three ways to find your perfect bridal headwear.

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You’ve bought your dress and have invested time in reviewing online style sites and magazines to work out your overall look. Everything, from how to wear your hair, the choice of makeup and accessories is a crucial decision. Here are three quick tips on choosing the bridal headwear that’s right for you, to make sure your look is perfect all over.

Go to the bridal hair stylist

While deciding on how you are going to wear your hair is crucial, choosing what to accessorise it with is just as important to make the most of that hairstyle. Work with your stylist to decide what style works best with your face shape, hair texture, length and your overall style.


There is a wide range of designs and variation in prices on the market but choosing what to wear in your hair is just as important as your dress. Go for something that is well made, flexible, versatile and lightweight. This will help ensure it can be worn in your hair without feeling uncomfortable and complement your chosen hairstyle. The quality of the materials are important too. Trade plastic for fresh water pearls; real crystal instead of glass beads. You’ll notice the difference and the overall finish is important in perfecting your look.


If your chosen bridal outfit sits in the cooler range of white, silver or blue, match this with a corresponding cool tone headpiece to keep the look flawlessly flowing. White freshwater pearls, clear or petrol crystals look lovely on dark hair, while tinted blue or purple freshwater pearls are spectacular on fair heads.

If your outfit is tonally warm, opt for a similar headwear complement. Clear crystal and a mix of cream are a good combination, while tinted pink freshwater pearls are always a hit. Adding some rose gold flowers can complete a warm tone look.

These are introductory colour suggestions only. Lean on the advice of your stylist and best friends. They will ultimately help you make the best choice for you.

Handmade bespoke

Commissioning a bespoke piece of bridal headwear made especially for you adds to the special nature of your wedding day. It is as unique as the occasion itself and can be kept forever as a keepsake or heirloom.

Chat with your designer about your required look. Tell them what you like and how they can personalise the piece with your favourite flowers or lucky charms. Working with an experienced designer helps you choose the headwear piece that’s right for you and works perfectly with your chosen style.

We’re here to help. Contact our specialist team to talk through your bridal style plans or turn to our bridal headwear gallery for inspiration.

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An eighties feel, the bridal way

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The fresh glowing radiance of no make-up skin is still very much the flavour of Spring/Summer ’17. Combine this with some 80s inspiration currently rocking straight off the catwalk from Fendi, Chanel and DKNY shows and you’ve captured the look of the moment.

It’s all about the blush, bolder stronger colours, and (of course) the glitter. Use a product like Youngblood’s HD Powder to hydrate your skin and provide a flawless base to last throughout the big day. Turn to Gleerful mineralize blush to bring back the brightness, then create a strong smoky eyed effect with soft touch shadow pencil ]. Blend a soft line of glitter over strong eyeliner to complete the final look: beautiful, fierce colours that remain fresh throughout your wedding day.

Create the look

We all love boho freestyle hair as much as a strong vibrant makeup look that brings out our eyes. Structure is very important to boho hair, while colour blending is a key component of the make-up stage.

With all types of plaits still very strong this season and worn in every type of style, we’ve created a sophisticated boho hair style to combine with bold, 80’s inspired makeup.


STEP 1. Use an exfoliator twice a week a month before to get a flawless complexion ready for your big day. Make sure you select one that is suitable for your skin type.

STEP 2. Massage a cream moisturiser thoroughly into your face and neck, using circular motions and light pressure.

STEP 3. Apply a face primer to get that original GLOW. I personally love Youngblood’s mineral primer.

STEP 4. Next, apply the foundation in your chosen shade, for a flawless, breathable finish.

STEP 5. Use a cream matt concealer in a lighter shade under your eyes and massage in with your fingertips so the heat of the fingers will work the product into the skin. Beware of light reflecting under the eyes as it could make your eye area look too light and show up dark circles more.

Conceal the rest of the face with a matched shade to target any areas of uneven skin tone that needs extra coverage.

STEP 6. Finish off with a HD rice base powder to set and leave a Flawless finish. Make sure you use a rice base powder rather than a talc base, as this will help with any white flash on your photos.


STEP 1. Fill in any gaps in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, then use an eyelash curler to get maximum curl & volume.

STEP 2. With the Eye Blender Brush, apply the eyes Nars Porto Venere eye paint all over your eyes using a backwards & forwards motion.

STEP 3. Define your eyes with a Classic eyeliner gel in black, applying a thin line across the upper and lower lash line and pulling out to a subtle feline flick.

Step 4. Using a vibrant blue/green shimmer eye shadow blend over the lash line to create a strong line, keep blending and building the line until you have a strong colour but soft edge to the line.

STEP 6. Finish off your eyes with a black mascara, using the tapered end to define each lash along the bottom lash line.


STEP 1. Using a contour palette, suck in your cheeks and follow the hollow.

STEP 2. Dust a highlight shade onto the top of the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose and Cupid’s bow to get that ‘dripping in candlelight’ GLOW.

STEP 3. Line your lips with nude pink shade that mimics your natural lip colour.

STEP 4. Apply the Tango lipstick from young blood ,then blend a clear gloss in the centre of your pout. Edge your lip with a highlighter to create your lush pout.

STEP 5. Finish the look by young bloods nectar blush popping the central colour onto the apples of your cheeks. Defuse all the colours with high definition powder to give your look a defined yet softened 80’s look.


1.Prepare the hair with relevant products to create hold and texture.

2.Use a large barrel tong and soft curl.

3.Take two horizontal sections across the front of the head.

4.Over direct the first section and create a 4-way plate, repeat with the second section, then clip out of the way.

5.With the rest of the hair plait a loose plait going around the head.

6.Build the first two plaits around the front of the head to create a high full plait.

7.Finish off the hair style with The Beatrice hair vine from my bespoke bridal headwear range at

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Six months to luscious wedding hair: your step-by-step plan

Posted on

The six-month guide to preparing your hair to its full potential for your wedding day

Following a specific bridal haircare routine in the few months before your wedding can make a huge difference to how manageable, resilient and beautiful your final style will be on the Big Day. From my experience there are a few key dates you’ll want to write in your diary to make sure your hair is wedding-ready and perfect at the right time.

Six months before

Observe your diet

Make sure your diet includes super foods, oily fish and proteins that will boost hair health and encourage growth and shine. Greek yoghurt for length, dark green vegetables for a healthy scalp, guava to prevent breakage, lean poultry for thickness.

Organic eggs are full of health-boosting protein and omega 3, while avocado, sweet potato and almonds will all help improve the health and appearance of your hair. There are supplements available at health food shops and online, which can supplement your diet with additional vitamins and minerals, if you feel you need some extra nutritional support.

Consider any long-term hair decisions

Think about how you would like to look on your wedding day. A highly textured style may mean you should start thinking about growing your current hairstyle out now. Intricate plait-work revealing multiple cascades of luscious locks will look stunning if you’ve selected the colour shades in advance. Each of these decisions will also depend on the thickness and texture of your hair so seeking advice at this stage will go a long way to setting your mind at ease.

Combine your wedding hair and make up trial with a trip to the stylist.

I’ve worked with many brides-to-be who really want advice on the entire look, rather than creating stunning hair and make-up styles in isolation. Our team here at Anna Sorbie works to combine style advice for your entire look, advising on what works with your face shape, hair colouring, hair texture, skin type, eyes, lip shape and personality. We understand how to achieve a look with bridal hair and bridal make-up for all types of clients.

Take plenty of inspirational photos and ideas to your appointment, including images of your wedding dress and swatches of fabric of the dress material.

Go with an open mind, be open to suggestions, yet don’t be afraid to tell your wedding stylist if a look doesn’t feel right.

The perfect hairstyle to match your wedding dress – revealed!

Three months before

Start using a weekly deep-conditioning treatment if your hair is dry. I recommend L’oreal Absolut Repair Lipidium or a protein treatment if your hair is weak, while Redken Ant-Snap is a wonderful leave-in treatment for damaged hair.

Depending on your needs, include a good hair oil or restructuring product as part of your haircare routine.

Have a trim or a cut and decide on your colour.

Using a combination of these or similar products will ensure your hair is in its best condition and full of natural shine in time for the wedding.

Four weeks before

Re-fresh your colour

If you usually go for a full head of colour or highlights, or are contemplating a change of colour, a month gives the colour enough time to ‘settle’ in the hair, while leaving enough time for any colour correction that may be needed. Check if your hair needs tidying up with a cut.

Pamper yourself

It’s around about now that nerves often decide to kick in. Remember to be kind to yourself, spend time with your girls and try to relax. You’re almost there!

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